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Test Drive an Exotic Car

Test Drive an Exotic Car

Have you ever dreamed of driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini?  Of course you have, only owning one is out of reach of most of us but that doesn’t mean that you can’t test drive an exotic car.  Renting an exotic car used to be just something that was available in Hollywood but today you can rent an exotic car in almost every major city across the country.  Imagine showing up at your next high school reunion driving a Maserati?

What Makes a Car Exotic

Exotic car rentals are a growing industry, largely because today there are more models of cars to choose from.  Exotic cars can range from a Porsche to a Hummer.  What makes a car exotic isn’t always price for example, some Tesla models aren’t particularly expensive but they can be hard to buy with long waiting lists, renting one for the weekend is completely doable.  Price isn’t the only thing that makes a car exotic, in fact an exotic car is just a vehicle designed for a specific purpose.  If you have your heart set on driving a particular car but it is well out of your price range or just not practical for you to own then rent on for the weekend.

Car Culture

Car culture is deeply embedded in American culture from Detroit muscle cars of the 60’s to the popularity of NASCAR today.  That has turned exotic car rentals into a booming industry.  Take a week or a weekend and drive the highways in the car of your dreams.  With an affordable price it has become no different than dining at a posh restaurant or taking a trip to Vegas. You don’t even have to be on vacation, rent an exotic car for your birthday or an anniversary, your high school reunion or just because you want to.  Here is how you can drive your dream car on a budget.

Renting an exotic car is going to be much different than renting a sedan.  It doesn’t mean that renting a Porsche isn’t possible but you will have to jump through a few extra hoops.  First the rental car company is going to check your driving record to make sure that you are a responsible driver.  Most people want a high performance car and they will drive at twice the posted speed limit you need to be able to handle the car.  Exotic car rentals don’t come cheap either, depending on the type of vehicle that you want you can end up spending more than $1,000 for a day, remember you’re living a dream not just renting a car.

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