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Restoring an Exotic Car

Restoring an Exotic Car

There are plenty of car enthusiasts who think that they can’t afford to own the car of their dreams.  But that doesn’t have to be the case, if you check out the salvage market you may be able to find yourself a good deal.  A salvage car can be a car that was recovered after an accident or was stolen, sometimes it is just an old car that has deteriorated and needs a ton of work.  These types of cars are sold “as is” and you will have to decide if the car is worth it or not to you.  You will have to put some money into repairs to make the car roadworthy, so the cost of repairs will have to factor into your buying decision.  You may want to have a mechanic take a look before you buy.

Salvage Auctions

Each town or municipality has a salvage auction but you may have to travel a bit to find the model of car you’re looking for.  If you go to the auction site you can find a variety of cars there from new ones that have been written off in an accident to others that are more exotic.  In bigger cities like Los Angeles or Chicago you will stand a better chance of finding a high end car like a Jaguar or even a Ferrari.  You can search the auction site by make and model.  Most sites will indicate the condition of the car and the repairs that will be needed to make it driveable.

Do Your Own Due Diligence

For some car enthusiasts buying an exotic car is more than a hobby or a project it is a business.  They find a popular model of car and restore it to mint condition and then sell it at a profit.  If you are looking for a project car then make sure you go over with a mechanic the repairs outlined in the description.  Bear in mind that there will be cars there that are beyond repair.  For example if the frame has been damaged then the safety of the vehicle is compromised and it is only useful for the undamaged parts.  The onus will be on you to assess whether a car is worth buying or not.

Bidding at an Auction

Buying a car at an auction can be hit or miss, sometimes you can find an exceptional deal and other times the place is packed and the competition is fierce.  Have patience.  You will have to bring cash with you, you won’t be able to finance your purchase like you would with a dealer.

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How to Buy Your First Exotic Car

How to Buy Your First Exotic Car

What represents an exotic car to you?  Is it one of the expensive European models like a Ferrari or an Ashton Martin?  Do you admire the muscle cars from Detroit back in the 60’s?  Whatever car tickles your fancy you should know that buying one isn’t always easy.  Finding your dream car isn’t like walking into a dealership and plopping down a bag of cash. If you’re wondering how to buy your first exotic car then let’s show you how.

Finding Your Car

You may have a specific model in mind or you may be looking for a particular style of car.  However, first thing you need to decide is how much you are willing to spend.  Are you looking for a project car that you can restore yourself or something newer that you can modify to suit your needs?  Maybe you want to find a car that you don’t have to put any work into you can just pay the seller and drive off into the sunset.  Whatever the case is you’re going to have to narrow down your list of choices and start researching.

Learn the Language

Gearheads speak their own language and you need to be able to communicate in that language.  If you’re buying a car because it is valuable or because of aethestic appeal then you might want to learn a thing or two about torque and horsepower.  You want to understand the type of engine in your car and just what your car is capable of.

Be Prepared to Travel

Most exotic car owners are looking for something rare, you won’t necessarily find it in your backyard or even in your state.  You may have to do some traveling to find the perfect car.  There are some sites you can look at online to check out where you might find  the right car.  Start with sites like cars.com, autotrader.com or you might find what you want on eBay.

Private Sales

You more than likely may end up buying your car through a private sale rather than through a car dealership.  The rules are a bit different when it comes to private sales.  Test driving your car may be out of the questions and you are buying the car “as is” without any kind of warranty or guarantee.  Price is also negotiable so break out your best negotiating skills.

Take your time and find the perfect car for you.

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Test Drive an Exotic Car

Test Drive an Exotic Car

Have you ever dreamed of driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini?  Of course you have, only owning one is out of reach of most of us but that doesn’t mean that you can’t test drive an exotic car.  Renting an exotic car used to be just something that was available in Hollywood but today you can rent an exotic car in almost every major city across the country.  Imagine showing up at your next high school reunion driving a Maserati?

What Makes a Car Exotic

Exotic car rentals are a growing industry, largely because today there are more models of cars to choose from.  Exotic cars can range from a Porsche to a Hummer.  What makes a car exotic isn’t always price for example, some Tesla models aren’t particularly expensive but they can be hard to buy with long waiting lists, renting one for the weekend is completely doable.  Price isn’t the only thing that makes a car exotic, in fact an exotic car is just a vehicle designed for a specific purpose.  If you have your heart set on driving a particular car but it is well out of your price range or just not practical for you to own then rent on for the weekend.

Car Culture

Car culture is deeply embedded in American culture from Detroit muscle cars of the 60’s to the popularity of NASCAR today.  That has turned exotic car rentals into a booming industry.  Take a week or a weekend and drive the highways in the car of your dreams.  With an affordable price it has become no different than dining at a posh restaurant or taking a trip to Vegas. You don’t even have to be on vacation, rent an exotic car for your birthday or an anniversary, your high school reunion or just because you want to.  Here is how you can drive your dream car on a budget.

Renting an exotic car is going to be much different than renting a sedan.  It doesn’t mean that renting a Porsche isn’t possible but you will have to jump through a few extra hoops.  First the rental car company is going to check your driving record to make sure that you are a responsible driver.  Most people want a high performance car and they will drive at twice the posted speed limit you need to be able to handle the car.  Exotic car rentals don’t come cheap either, depending on the type of vehicle that you want you can end up spending more than $1,000 for a day, remember you’re living a dream not just renting a car.

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Before You Buy Your Dream Car

Before You Buy Your Dream Car

You have been dreaming about this car since you were a teenager and now that you have reached some success in your career and made a little money you are in a position to get it.  Before you buy your dream car there are a couple of things that you should know.  Buying a high end car, be it a Beamer or a Ferrari it is not the same thing as buying a brand new Kia Rio. A high performance car is something you need to be ready for, here are some things to consider.

Maintenance Won’t Come Cheap

All cars need some type of maintenance, you will need brakes replaced, oil changes and new tires.  You won’t be able to drop your car off at the local garage for a quick tune up.  High performance cars need high performance mechanics who understand how they run and keep them performing the way they are supposed to.  Parts aren’t going to be easy to come by and it is going to be expensive if and when you have to replace something. Your dream car is going to need a fair amount of TLC so be prepared for that.

Driving is Not Going to be the Same

High performance sports cars don’t drive anything like what you’re used to and you’re going to have to adjust.  A sports car is built to go from 0-60 mph in as fast a time as possible.  The accelerator is going to be a lot touchier than a regular car and you may have a hard time handling your car in the beginning.  Exotic sports cars are built with race tracks or the autobahn and not your daily trip back and forth to work.  Think about how and when you will use your dream car before you sign the paperwork.

The Costs

Everything about driving a high end car is going to be more expensive from the amount of gas it burns to the costs of repairs and maintenance. Don’t forget that the cost of your insurance is also going to skyrocket no matter how good your driving record is.  High end cars get stolen far more often and you’re going to need to take some antitheft measures to safe guard your car.  You also need to consider putting it away in the winter if you live in the northern part of the country.  Lamborghinis don’t do snow.  Lastly check out some car magazines to make sure that the model you are looking at buying isn’t a lemon, expensive and good looking doesn’t mean that it doesn’t break down.

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